Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Whither ETA?

That was the slug for one of the first stories we did that wasn't about the Madrid bombings. And nearly two years later, it is still the question on everyone's mind. For the past month, rumors of an impending truce have been swirling, and Zapatero himself has said that he has information that "the beginning of the end" is near. The possibility has been driving the opposition Popular Party into a frenzy, and statements that the Socialists are "negotiating with terrorists" and conducting politics "on the backs of victims of terror" come in a daily stream.

On Saturday, ETA issued a statement in which it called for compromises, yet made no mention of the supposed truce. Many here take that as a hint that perhaps no cease fire is coming. But that hasn't stopped the hysterical rhetoric of the PP, members of which are now calling for Zapatero's resignation on the grounds that his ETA policies "have failed."

Criticizing Zapatero for a policy that supposedly has him willing to negotiate, and then criticizing him because that policy supposedly fails seems right up there with that old joke about the bad restaurant: "The food was terrible, and the portions were so small!" But calling for his resignation seems downright ridiculous. The PP were in power for 8 years during which dozens of Spaniards were killed, injured or kidnapped in ETA attacks. There has not been a single death or injury since the Socialists have been in power. For this, Zapatero should resign?


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