Monday, February 20, 2006

Another week, another utility

On Thursday we got an electric hot water heater. Actually, we got it on Wednesday, after Geoff insisted that perhaps the electrician and the plumber could stop blaming each other for his absence and actually meet at our house at the same time. They did, though when Fernando the plumber insulted Nacho the electrician´s electrical acumen, the latter left, leaving the former to install the thing.

Which of course couldn't be done in one day. Bright and early the next morning, there was garrulous Fernando and his taciturn assistant Pedro, hard at work. Several hours later, we had copper pipes where our creaky butane heater used to be, and a shiny white tank in the basement. Only problem was that it didn't work.

Seems maybe Fernando didn't know quite as much about electric water heaters as he professed. That may explain why he cornered me in the kitchen for about an hour to hold forth on how we really should have put in a gas (or gasoil, as it's called here) heater. But I thought I detected a smirk when I called Nacho back to ask for his help.

Next, the internet. Any suggestions, anybody?

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Cristina Rodríguez said...


There's no way to escape. The first thing these guys learn wherever it is that they get their skills (ha ha ha) from is "Always blame the previous worker". I just don't know how you had the nerve to have them TOGETHER at your place.

Stay positive, cold showers are healthy. You'll live longer.