Friday, February 24, 2006

Well, At Least She's Consistent

You may remember that several weeks ago the president of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, suggested that the new anti-smoking law might be a little too strict. Yesterday, she did indeed sign into effect a ‘revision’ of the national ban that lets workers smoke on the balconies and in the cafeterias of their workplaces, and everybody else during wedding and baptism receptions.

The day before that, however, she decided to go one better than the government on bird flu. Although the ministers of Health and Agriculture have decided that there is no need yet to enclose Spain’s chickens (Spain has yet to find a case of avian flu, though many predict that will come any day now), Aguirre disagreed, and now all farm-raised fowl, including several dozen ostriches on a ranch north of the capital, have to be kept where wild birds can’t reach them.

Madrid’s farmers aren’t happy about the decision, but luckily for the PP, they number far fewer than the comunidad’s smokers. And this way, no one gets to say that Esperanza Aguirre doesn’t care about her citizens’ health.

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Anonymous said...

It is the old song of the PP. One has even become a joke, for example:

Zarra has died, and Felipe without resigning.
It´s snowing, and Felipe without resigning.

To any news adds the phrase "and Felipe González without resigning" (...y Felipe sin dimitir).

The grace of the joke consists of which Felipe González stopped being President of the Government almost 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The previous commentary also went in previous post. Mistaken button, thousand excuses.

Almendro said...

Good joke. And still amazingly relevant.