Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another Reason I Know I'm Not Spanish

It's Semana Santa, and you know what that means: posters of agonizing Virgins and Christs plastered to every shop window. There are a lot of things I've come to appreciate about Semana Santa: the dark, soul-stirring music, the devotion that the men (and women!) who carry the pasos through the crowded night, the solemnity of it all, the 10-day vacation. But the delight and adoration that images of these suffering...can I say it?...statues excites, well, let's just say it's another thing I still don't get.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, we spaniards are apparently so exotic, so different... in your eyes. Weird people we are, right? And you and your culture are of course the norm, the pure image of normality. You are not weird, how could you possibly be?

When I came to Madrid from my town in Galicia I thought I had no "accent". The ones with an accent at speaking spanish were the madrileños, of course not me. Now that I lost my galician accent galicians are the ones who speak weird. Something to learn from this example?

Your blog focuses too much on "folkish" aspect of our culture, and it seems to me as if you were looking "at us" like clowns, silly-exotic-noisy-people playing an stupid Broadway musical for you to have fun or condescend. You don´t describe a single individual in any of your entries, no one seems to have opinions of their own... Jhere.

Good luck, but if you are thinking about living here you are the one who looses by treating spaniards as a mere excuse for your search of picturesque material. You are the one to be disatisfied... You could get a lot more of the country the moment you realize we are for good and for bad (very imperfect) people with a lot of individual differences between each other (just as people in your country).

PS I don´t like that virgin pic myself. If your reasoning is correct I am not spanish myself, at least on your poor definition of spaniards.