Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Not as bad as "Let them eat cake," but right up there. When Zapatero went on tv last night to answer questions live from ordinary Spaniards (a first for Spanish prime ministers), he made only one gaff. It was just an especially bad one. Asked what a cup of coffee costs by an otherwise not-very-coherent man intent on proving that the government was at fault for rising euro prices (note the cultural difference: in the US he would have been asked the price of a quart of milk), ZP made the mistake first of answering, and then of answering wrong: 80 cents. As someone who just yesterday paid 1.30 for a tiny shot of espresso, I knew he had just got himself into a mess of trouble. And sure enough, all the headlines today are gloating over the Socialist prime minister's clear estrangement from the people.

Still, thanks to a helpful survey provided by today's edition of El Mundo, it turns out that a cup of coffee does cost 80 cents--in the Congress of Deputies cafeteria.


Anonymous said...

What difference does it make? You can judge a person by their shopping sense. Everyday regular people are never the types that make it to power. I don't think it's reason enough for the media to make a huge deal out of it; but then I live in America where our media is beyond ridiculous with the items they choose to cover and more importantly the ones they choose to leave out. Love the blog btw.

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Anonymous said...

An espresso in Aviles, Asturias is only 90 cents!

Love the blog, too.