Thursday, January 19, 2006

Seeing: Madrid

The city of Madrid spends a lot of its culture budget promoting the Festival de Otoño in October, but for some reason, I always find the end of January a lot more interesting. This year, Spain´s most famous ballerina, Tamara Rojo, is dancing El Quijote with the Argentine Julio Bocca at the Teatro Albeniz, while Victor Ullate´s work El Sur--a ballet about domestic abuse with music by possibly the best-known flamenco performers in the world, Enrique and Estrella Morente--premieres at the Teatro Gran Via. Caja Madrid´s five-star flamenco festival begins next week. MadridFusion, which ends today, has all the avant-garde chefs of the world showing off their latest creations (Adrià issued a 23-point manifesto and demonstrated a battery-powered screwdriver that shoots out strands of carmelized sugar). And all the big US Christmas movies--Munich, Brokeback Mountain, Luther (what? You haven't heard of that one? Joseph Fiennes playing the tonsure-headed founder of Protestantism? I can't imagine why)are finally making their way over.


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