Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Electrician's Family

I showed up at the molino this weekend to find Nacho the Electrician hard at work, along with the better part of his family. Actually, with the exception of his mother (who has the body of your average señora but the dyed-red shag of an 80s rocker), the rest of them—sister, grandfather, unknown man who could have been a brother or a guy they met in the bar on the way over—seemed a bit sheepish. Which seemed unnecessary until I realized that rather than working they were there to look around our house. But Nacho's mother was working hard, and we now have 1) a cable that juts out from a hole in the wall, cuts up to the roof, and stretches across the patio; 2) one and a half floor's worth of new outlets (one and a half still to come); and 3) a pretty little stone house, complete with red tile roof, to house the counter, whenever that gets put in. Progress.

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