Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stand by your man

Once, she was known as the widow of Spain. Isabel Pantoja, singer, (yes, of cancion española, how could you tell?) was married to Paquirri and pregnant with his child when the famous bullfighter died in the ring at Pozoblanco. She grieved, oh how she grieved. And then, many years later, her son grown into an overweight, balding teenager with no job, La Pantoja fell in love again.

So what if her new love, Julian Muñoz, was married? So what if he happened to be mayor of Marbella? There was no need to hide: she was in love. The two of them danced sevillanas together, held hands as they walked through the street, eventually moved in together. Apparently that's not all they did together.

Because when the police came to search Muñoz's house last spring as part of a corruption bust that would send the entire city government past and present of Marbella to prison, they found, oh, $50,000 in cash lying around. Julian has been in jail for the past year, and now, as of this morning, Isabel will join him there.

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Unknown said...

Hummmm.... the spanish omelette: corruption, real estate, a touch of music and our own spiced "famosillos" .