Friday, March 09, 2007

Next up: Saltwater Taffy Stands and Jet Ski Rentals

Going in along the road to our little San Pedro beach: a sidewalk. Admittedly, the road is a little precarious for those señoras who can't dart away from moving traffic in the time it takes to round a blind curve at 80 kms an hour. But what's next, umbrella rentals?


Karen said...

Lisa? Is this you? I was looking for something on the Oberlin website and found you there and followed you here!! Write me back. Best, KL

Unknown said...

These workers were generally the only people I saw on the way to the beach. The sidewalk, I suppose, will bring other people there. And there is only one logical next steop to a sidewalk: a cafe.

Almendra said...

Personally, I'm convinced that it's all the fault of the developers. I can just hear them strong-arming Soto's government: "You want 150 new housing units? (Um, no). All those Madrid parents aren't going to stand for having their kids plastered on the side of the road during vacation.