Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Referrals, Holiday Edition

Until recently "Spanish terms of endearment" has been the search phrase that draws the most Googling-viewers to this blog. And most of them, despite what we had imagined in certain romantic moments, are college students. No doubt looking for a quick sweet nothing with which to spice up a final exam.

But in the last month or so, all that has changed. Now our referral list is filled with searches for the Catalan crapper we've described here and here. So as a public service for all of you looking for a little dumper of your own, we hearby bring you the Caganer Website. Like Santa's elves, their artisans spend the summer and fall crafting tiny little crappers that look like that year's celebrities. Last year, the big seller was the Leonor caganer, handsomely carved and painted to look like the Prince and Princess's new baby.

This year, the star caganer is José Montilla (see above). That name likely won't mean anything to those of you who are not Spanish. But tell me he doesn't look like Dick Cheney.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely delightful blog you have! Yes, I am guilty of Googling Caganer. Thank you for sharing your life, and your dog with the world!

Anonymous said...

We had a day out in Xativa where their Nativity Scene was absolutely fantastic, with a lady making bread and farrier a farmer (smoke coming out of the chimneys and the smell of baked bread - live animals (camels sheep and turkey to name some)and a statue of a little man with his trousers down. This came as a complete surprise and yes, I too have googled this when I came home. Are there any more little suprises to come!!!

Anonymous said...

It is Dick Cheney. I'm sure of it. All you need to do is add a little speech balloon that says "Go fuck yourself!"