Monday, August 28, 2006

Under Construction – I


The tearing down, ripping up, digging, hammering, drilling, piling, and all the rest have begun.

Starting last week, our albañil or contractor, José María, along with his merry partner, Calixto, and surly Bulgarian underlings, Florian and his still-unnamed partner, began the renovation of the Cabaña (the former stable by the Molino) that we’ve been planning, saving for, and dreading for over a year.

The place has been atop a pool of sitting water for a long time, and anything (or anyone, I suppose) maintaining residence there for a length of time begins to grow mold [see earlier ‘Shrooms’ blog post].

The details of exactly what our loyal crew is doing remain to come, but in this first installment you can see the dramatic effect that the work is already having; our once-spacious patio has quickly been transformed into the dumping ground for everything being expelled from the Cabaña.

We’ve been assured this project will be done in two months’ time. For now, we’ll remain optimistic. Posted by Picasa

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