Thursday, August 31, 2006

A New Face

Even though we enjoy mild weather year-round at the Molino—a pleasure shared by anyone lucky enough to live with ocean ahead and mountains behind—the earth’s cycles and seasons nonetheless seem more obvious to me here in Asturias than anywhere else I’ve lived.

It may have something to do with our proximity to (nay, our embeddedness in) raw nature; as I come and go each morning and evening, my surroundings have a noticeably different look than the day before.

As spring’s robust growth wanes with summer’s passing, grazing animals are now omnipresent, gobbling up all that’s green. I pass sheep, goats, mules, and horses as often as I encounter the tourists for whom these creatures are a curiosity.

This past week, the cows in the pasture just down our road were joined by a fresh face. Though it sticks close to its mother, especially in the early morning when suckling at her udder, the calf is a bit less timid and wobbly with each passing day.

Next year at this time, I figure it’ll be just another one of the heard. Posted by Picasa

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