Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Adventures in Spanish Medicine

I went to the doctor's last week and was directed down the hall to the waiting room. When I walked in, there were about six or seven people already sitting in the small room, male and female, most of them older. As I sat down, I felt a little uncomfortable, as if they were all looking at me expectantly. I couldn't figure out why until the next patient walked in. "Buenos dias," he said, as he took a chair. "Buenos dias," they all replied in unison. Same chorus with the next patient, and the next. Apparently I am the only one who doesn't know waiting room etiquette.

After I had to get in a taxi to go for a blood test (these are almost always done in separate labs, far from your doctor's office). "You haven't eaten anything, right?" asked the technician who took my blood. When I told her that no, I hadn't, she handed me a voucher for breakfast at the corner bar. Because no one should suffer the hardship of going more than a few hours without food in Spain.

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Radio Maria said...

Yes, this is one of my favourite things about Spain, the assumption that we're all in this together and should acknowledge same with a 'buenos días/tardes'.You also get this in lifts, queues for the ladies loos,any waiting rooms for different from my train commute from Winchester to London (another life away), when we would all pretend we were alone in the carriage.