Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Elbow grease and a bright flash

After a couple of 70-hour weeks of painting and cleaning (plus a few furniture acquisitions), we've made habitable--even welcoming--the two bedrooms on the Molino's third floor. This inspires us, since these rooms--damp, dingy, peeling, dirty, and very, very, moldy--were among the spaces we generally avoided during the last year. As may be evident, both rooms have taken on distinct personalities and are currently the quarters of friends visiting from the U.S. The "blue room" faces the stone courtyard, while the "green room" looks over the many things growing behind the Molino. Without a wide-angle lens, I can offer only photographs that present incomplete views of the rooms (though Levon can be seen lying sleepily on the floor to the left in the green room). On the other hand, the flash makes it difficult to detect our limitations as painters.


girlprinter said...

Wow! It looks fantastic!

We are still contemplating curtains (one year in.)

c. x

Sal DeTraglia said...

One thing I've always loved about the houses in Asturias (both inside and out) is their vivid use of colors. I've seen everything from maroon to yellow to blue to pink. It's as if they trying to counteract the drabness of the grey skies with house paint.

Anyway, your bedroom looks great. It reminds me of many casa rurales I've staying at over the years.


Almendro said...

Thanks! Next up: the living room.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are gorgeous!! You did such a wonderful job. I wish I was able to come out this summer!