Thursday, March 23, 2006

Events great and small

Yes, ETA declared a "permanent ceasefire" yesterday. It was—and is—the only thing anyone is talking about here, and you can tell that behind all the skepticism and calls for prudence, a creeping sense of elation lurks, just waiting until it's safe to come out.

I've been involved with more mundane things, like trying to get the upstairs bedrooms into some kind of shape. It's a daunting task (see above). Not 40-years-worth of terrorism daunting, but hard enough for me.



Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog, and I subsequently devoured it. Thanks for some enjoyable reading. I used to worry about myself when I would be increasingly annoyed with the way some things seem to happen here, and wonder if I wasn't being a good enough "sport". Thank goodness, it's not just me. Living in Spain has some nice moments, but many other "gnash your teeth and howl in frustration" moments as well.

I hope that you got your ADSL issues sorted out. I severely lucked out to install my dsl way back in the day when telefonica gave out regular fixed IP settings, which made my Mac setup much, much easier. Most of the difficulty comes in configuring the modem (get an ethernet one if you can) itself, most of the time telefonica will want to slap you with an 80 eur fee for that, but if you can find a local informatico with a little knowhow, you can get a better deal than that, and then setting up network prefs in OS X, is pretty easy.


girlprinter said...

Can I see snow out that window?