Friday, January 06, 2006

The Kid, The Fat Guy, and the Objectification of Women

As consolation to all those who lost the El Gordo Christmas lottery, today brings the smaller but still sustantial El Niño. This one's winners are also announced by children in Catholic school uniforms, a fact that is probably not amusing to anyone but me.

But amused I am. Not least because the regular daily lottery is announced on TV every night by five willowly women in high heels and form-fitting clothes whose sole job it is to pick up a ping pong ball, slide it into place, and—with big, suggestive (now you'll have a chance at me) smiles— intone the number written on it. So I can just imagine the girls in the photo above thinking today is the start of a great career.


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G.C. PHILO said...

On the track to an opportunity-filled career I suppose. Either way, I'm glad I don't have to listen to those annoying little kids singing off lottery numbers for hours... at least for another year.