Thursday, November 03, 2005

Staying: Barcelona

I found myself having unexpectedly to spend the night in Barcelona last week on what was apparently Catalan 99.5% Hotel Occupancy Day. After calling around to many, many places, including my favorite hotel in the city, I finally managed to secure the very last room in Barcelona at the Hotel Abba Sants. Not the sort of place I would normally go: big, ugly exterior; lots of businessmen. But it turned out to be relatively nice, modern but not too cold, with a very kind receptionist who patiently tried to come up with a phone charger for me, even though in my bleary state I kept erroneously insisting that the make of my mobile was Movistar ("Not the service, señora, the telephone").

It's located right near the Sants train station, which makes it a good place for getting in and out of town. And it's a short uphill walk away from the L'Illa Diagonal mall, which has a wonderful--I can't believe I'm saying this--food court, half inviting, gourmet-y restaurants, half food stands and cookware stalls. Fresh fish and produce, beautifully displayed, in a mall. Plus a FNAC, which, should anyone besides me be interested, sells phone chargers.

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