Wednesday, September 28, 2005

El Orbayu

On this morning´s ride from the Asturias airport to Ovinana, the cab driver gave me a lesson on rain. Like Eskimos with snow, the asturianos have their own words for the different kinds of rain that fall. The most common is the the orbayu, that light, misting rain that sometimes seems like it will never end.

Our conversation reminded me how much I love Asturias, even though the orbayu was falling as I thought about it. And then we arrived.

I hadn´t been at the mill in almost two months, so there was the usual dampness, and mold, and dead insects to deal with. But unexpected was the blue tarp covering the rear of our car like a diaper. Afraid of what I would find underneath, I looked anyway: there was the back window, shattered into a million slivers, with one rock shaped hole in the middle.

Into every life...


girlprinter said...

Oh, no! What does the neighbour lady say?

Stacy said...

Gee... how considerate of them to cover the hole with a tarp. Of course, not creating the hole in the first place would have been pretty considerate, too. Perhaps we're all just being inconsiderate to all the people who don't put holes in our windows.

"Yes, excuse me sir, thank you for not throwing a rock through my windshield. And you ma'am, thank you for not stepping on my toe when I walked by."

What a crazy, but fun world that would be. Let's make it an experiment. Let's try to thank someone for the kindness involved in something they didn't do!

Almendro said...

Yes, well, I suspect that mysterious phone call from Nieves wasn't as random as she made (or perhaps my faulty Spanish led me to believe)it sound.

And as for thanking people for things they didn't do, I did the very thing today, though with ulterior motives, when I thanked our local bigwig/cafe owner for all the "help" he's given us so far.